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Property in Piedmont

Property in Piedmont

Property in Piedmont

Treiso and Langhe vineyards, Piedmont Situated at the foot of the Alps, as the name suggests, and watered by the Po, Piedmont is a vast region with mountains, plains and hills dotted with vineyards, some of which are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It's a region which is rich from both a natural and cultural perspective. Hundreds of acres of national parks, regional parks or reserves provide tranquility and unspoilt scenery. Many cities have preserved important remains of the Roman era and Turin is home to an extraordinary Egyptian museum. Why not invest in this region which attracts so many tourists with its magnificent landscapes, ski resorts and spa towns? For there is a buoyant property market in Piedmont with many apartments for sale, or good sized villas, including some at unbeatable prices.
  • Coni
  • Provincia di Torino
  • Alexandria
  • Provincia di Asti
  • Verbania
  • Biella
  • Vercelli

Coni Property

Coni, Italy is a vibrant city featuring beautiful real estate and located in the heart of Northern Italy. The town oozes charm with its quaint cobblestone streets, picturesque canals and stunning architecture that date back to the Roman Empire. With such an incredible backdrop, it’s no wonder Coni is becoming increasingly popular as a sought after place to invest in property. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, you’ll find homes here that suit your needs. From luxury condos to quaint single family homes to sprawling villas perched on hilltops with extensive views – there is something for every taste in Coni! Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or simply want a lovely home abroad, consider investing in real estate in Coni today!

Provincia di Torino Property

Provincia di Torino, located in the beautiful Piedmont region of northern Italy, is a great place for those looking for a luxurious real estate experience. With its breathtaking mountain views and superior Italian lifestyle offerings, this province offers some of the best housing opportunities available. From rustic farmhouses to city apartments with modern amenities, there is no shortage of property types to explore. Whether you're after a lakeside villa or an urban loft overlooking the Po River Valley, Provincia di Torino has something to suit your needs and budget. Explore our selection today and find your perfect slice of Italian paradise!

Alexandria Property

Alexandria, in the beautiful region of Veneto, is a vibrant coastal city with plenty to offer. From its sparkling coastline, picturesque canals and bustling shopping streets to its stunning historic monuments and cultural sites - there’s something for everyone. Real estate in Alexandria is highly desirable due to the city’s unique location and abundance of attractions. Whether you're looking for an apartment in the heart of the city or a villa amidst olive groves - you'll find it all here. With great transport links across Italy, investing in real estate in Alexandria couldn’t be easier!

Provincia di Asti Property

Provincia di Asti is a province in Italy renowned for its stunning beauty, excellent cuisine and historic architecture. Located in the north-western part of the Piedmont region, it has a unique charm that draws many visitors each year. With its rolling hills, picturesque vineyards and bustling villages, Provincia di Asti offers a wealth of real estate opportunities for those looking to buy or rent. The area boasts an array of charming traditional homes and luxury apartments with views over lush landscapes full of vineyards, rustic farms and olive groves - perfect for peaceful living! From quaint cottages to magnificent palatial villas, there are properties available to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you're looking for your dream home in the countryside or an attractive investment property in one of many towns across the province, Provincia di Asti provides buyers with endless options.

Verbania Property

Verbania is an Italian city located on the shores of Lake Maggiore, between the provinces of Piedmont and Lombardy. With its charming waterfront views and Mediterranean climate, Verbania is a popular destination for those looking to enjoy a sunny vacation in Northern Italy. This beautiful town has stunning architecture, quaint outdoor cafes and markets offering fresh local produce. The area around Verbania also offers plenty of opportunities for water sports such as sailing, kayaking, fishing and windsurfing – perfect if you’re keen to make the most of your holiday! Additionally, there are forest trails available for hiking or biking along with nearby ski resorts offering winter activities during colder months. Whether you’re searching for adventure or relaxation – Verbania will have something to offer!

Biella Property

Biella is a picturesque city located in Northern Italy, best known for its vast countryside and majestic mountaintops. The city offers a unique blend of traditional Italian culture with modern amenities. Whether you're looking to enjoy some classic Italian cuisine, take in the stunning views of the surrounding alpine environment, or find your dream home, Biella has it all. From luxurious villas to cosy apartments, there are properties to suit every taste and budget – delivering both comfort and an amazing lifestyle. With easy access to public transport links and plenty of cultural activities, Biella is ideal for those seeking an unforgettable experience in Italy.

Vercelli Property

Vercelli is an Italian city located in the North-West of the country. Characterized by its vibrant culture, the city offers plenty of opportunities for its residents and visitors alike. From great shopping to excellent restaurants, Vercelli has something for everyone. The real estate market is booming with a wide variety of housing options available from luxury villas to apartments and condos. Whether you're looking for a cozy family home or a place to call your own, you'll find it in Vercelli! With its growing economy and high standard of living, Vercelli is sure to please even the most discerning real-estate seekers.