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The Piedmont Houses with parking

The Piedmont region of Italy is known for its spectacular views, rolling hills and centuries-old architecture. For those looking to own a piece of this timeless beauty, the properties with garages in The Piedmont serve as stunning living spaces. Whether you are interested in a traditional stone building or an exquisite villa by the sea, the options here provide luxurious living right outfitted with garages. Experience classic Italian charm combined with modern convenience when you purchase one of these charming homes that come complete with spacious parking options near some of the world’s best vineyards and breathtaking locales. Investing in real estate here grants buyers dreamy respites filled with alpine lakes, pristine beaches and lush green meadows where homeowners can rest easy knowing their car is safely tucked away in their garage..
  • Coni
  • Provincia di Torino
  • Novara
  • Provincia di Asti
  • Alexandria
  • Verbania
  • Biella

Coni Houses with parking

If you're looking for a perfect house with a garage in the enchanting city of Coni, Italy, then look no further! Home to gorgeous architecture and breathtaking views, Coni has something special for everyone. This charming Italian city is well known for its affordability and beautiful townhouses - many of which have their own garages! Whether you’re seeking luxury or practicality, this lovely Italian city won't disappoint. With its sunny climate and stunning mountain views, there's nothing better than owning a home with its own garage here in Coni. Explore our selection of properties today – each one boasting an attached garage as part of your package deal.

Provincia di Torino Houses with parking

Provincia di Torino is known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. Homeowners in the area will find a variety of properties with garages available to suit their needs. From charming apartments with private underground parking garages to spacious houses featuring two-car garages, Provincia di Torino is the perfect place to search for that special property. With convenient access to main streets, citycenters and all local amenities, you don’t have to worry about parking your car when you buy a house with garage in Provincia di Torino. Whether you’re looking for an urban neighborhood or a peaceful countryside home – look no further than this gorgeous region of Italy!

Novara Houses with parking

Novara is a beautiful city located in northwestern Italy. With picturesque views, an array of activities to explore and a vibrant culture – this Italian city has something for everyone. For those looking for a house with garage, Novara offers the perfect solution. From one-bedroom apartments to family homes with plenty of space, you're sure to find the ideal residence in Novara complete with an attached or detached garage. Whether you need extra storage space or simply want convenience and security when parking your car, investing in real estate with garages in Novara satisfies both practicality and aesthetics considerations. Start your search today!

Provincia di Asti Houses with parking

One of the best cities to live in for those looking for a house with a garage is Provincia di Asti, Italy. This picturesque area is full of Mediterranean charm, making it perfect for those seeking sunshine and stunning views. In this province, many homes have garages where residents can store their possessions with ease or even use as additional space. Whether you are looking for an apartment or villa with a garage, Provincia di Asti has something to offer everyone – from quaint country houses surrounded by vineyards to modern dwellings filled with all the latest amenities and technological advances. Come explore everything that this beautiful region has to offer and discover your new perfect home!

Alexandria Houses with parking

If you’re looking for a dream home with a garage in the beautiful Italian city of Alexandria, your search can end right here. Set among rolling hills and surrounded by lush greenery, living in Alexandria will provide you with an idyllic lifestyle. Whether you’re searching for an elegant villa with a pool or simply looking to buy into this stunning area; homes with garages are available. Search through our range of properties in Alexandria and find the perfect home for sale that offers both comfort and convenience - from traditional townhouses to modern apartments in secure complexes – plus all include plenty of parking space courtesy of their attached garages!

Verbania Houses with parking

Verbania is a picturesque town situated on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore, in Italy. This peaceful and trendy town is perfect for anyone looking to find a house with a garage. With stunning views of the lake and the Alps, Verbania offers numerous homes with garages that are sure to meet any criteria you have when searching for your ideal property. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or detached house with its own garage, there's something for everyone here! With easy access from both Lago Maggiore Airport and Milan International Airport just over 100 kms away, you won't be hard-pressed to find something that suits your needs in Verbania.

Biella Houses with parking

Biella, a charming city in the Italian Alps, is the perfect place to find your next home with a garage. Located just 45 minutes from Turin and 1 hour 15 minutes from Milan, Biella provides a peaceful and beautiful backdrop while offering all amenities. With an abundance of houses for sale with garages included, it's easy to find your dream property here. From detached villas with private gardens and spacious garages to cosy family homes close to schools and transport links – whatever you're looking for, chances are that Biella has something special waiting for you! Let us help you explore all your options today!

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The Piedmont Country houses

Discover The Piedmont, a beautiful rural area in the North of Italy. Boasting stunning views of the Italian Alps and home to many charming villages, The Piedmont is an ideal destination for those looking to escape from city life and find solace in an idyllic rural setting. From rustic farmhouses surrounded by rolling hills to picturesque country homes tucked away among vineyards, The Piedmont offers plenty of opportunities for buying a home. With its mild climate and stunning scenery, it's easy to understand why so many people are drawn to this region. Whether you’re searching for your perfect rural property or simply looking for some peace and quiet—The Piedmont has something special waiting just for you!

The Piedmont Houses with pool

The Piedmont region of Italy has something for everyone! From its rolling hills to the delicious food, anyone will find something to love. For those looking for houses with swimming pools, there is no better place than The Piedmont. You can find a variety of villas that come with their own private pools. These homes offer residents stunning views and luxury amenities perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests poolside. Alternatively, you may also find more affordable apartments and condominiums in the area with access to communal swimming pools available onsite. Start your house hunt in The Piedmont today!

The Piedmont Apartments with balcony

Live the dream of an Italian lifestyle in The Piedmont. This enchanting region is known for its spectacular views, ancient villages and delicious cuisine. Enjoy the beauty of nature from a spacious balcony at your apartment in The Piedmont. With breathtaking panoramas of rolling hillsides, green vineyards and snow-capped mountains, it’s the perfect backdrop to relax after a long day or entertain guests over dinner parties. Elevate your life with an apartment with a balcony in this captivating area! Whether you're looking for versatile outdoor space or an uninterrupted view of the surrounding countryside, there’s something special to appreciate about living with a balcony in The Piedmont.

The Piedmont Houses with garden

The Piedmont region of Italy is renowned for its majestic mountain views, rolling hills and lush gardens. In this idyllic setting, homes with gardens offer a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. From quaint villas to spacious country estates, properties in The Piedmont boast wonderful outdoor spaces that can be transformed into something truly magical. With its mild climate, gorgeous scenery and plenty of sunshine, The Piedmont is an ideal place to live if you're looking for a house with a garden - or even just somewhere to enjoy Italian's seasonal bounty throughout the year! Whether it's basking in the sun on your terrace or cultivating homegrown vegetables in your backyard plot; choosing your next home here will ensure many years of tranquility.

The Piedmont Land

The Piedmont in Italy is an ideal place for land seekers looking for a tranquil and scenic setting. This beautiful region boasts rolling hills, lush forests, vineyards, and picturesque villages – the perfect backdrop to build your dream home or pursue commercial endeavors. With plenty of natural resources like water, wood and limestone to choose from when it comes to land development projects, owning agricultural plots of land in The Piedmont offers the opportunity to experience both modern living with an appreciation of nature’s beauty. From sweeping views across terraced hillside vineyards to secluded forests tucked away from tourists - you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding land that meets every need. We invite you explore our listings and call us today if you are interested in learning more about buying property in The Piedmont!

The Piedmont Apartments

Escape to the rolling hills and historic charm of The Piedmont, a picturesque province in northwestern Italy. Here you can experience beautiful landscapes and incredible architecture, as well as delicious cuisine that has been passed down for generations. With breathtaking vineyards sprawling across the region, this is an ideal destination for wine connoisseurs. Enjoy comfortable living in a variety of stylish apartments located throughout The Piedmont – each offering an optimal combination of comfort and convenience that puts all your needs within reach. From small studios to multi-level homes with plenty of space, find the perfect place to call home in The Piedmont today!

The Piedmont Houses

The Piedmont region of Italy is the perfect place to purchase a house. With breathtaking mountain views, lush countryside and vibrant cities, the Piedmont is a great destination for those seeking an idyllic Italian retreat. Whether you are looking for culture or history, you'll find plenty of activities here in this region. In terms of housing options, buyers can choose from traditional villas nestled into rolling hillsides or modern apartments within easy reach of city amenities – whatever your preference, there's something available to suit every need and budget. Plus with its warm climate and abundance of local food produce, the Piedmont makes a fantastic home for those looking to enjoy all that Italy has to offer.