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The Piedmont Houses

The Piedmont region of Italy is the perfect place to purchase a house. With breathtaking mountain views, lush countryside and vibrant cities, the Piedmont is a great destination for those seeking an idyllic Italian retreat. Whether you are looking for culture or history, you'll find plenty of activities here in this region. In terms of housing options, buyers can choose from traditional villas nestled into rolling hillsides or modern apartments within easy reach of city amenities – whatever your preference, there's something available to suit every need and budget. Plus with its warm climate and abundance of local food produce, the Piedmont makes a fantastic home for those looking to enjoy all that Italy has to offer.
  • Coni
  • Provincia di Torino
  • Novara
  • Provincia di Asti
  • Alexandria
  • Verbania
  • Biella

Coni Houses

Coni, Italy is a beautiful city located in the heart of Piemonte region. It has lots to offer those looking for an ideal home. Coni offers stunning views, cultural attractions, and easy access to local beaches and mountains. Whether you are looking for a quaint cottage or luxury villa, there is something here for all tastes and budgets. You can enjoy traditional Italian hospitality with delicious foods made from local produce while exploring historic architecture of various styles like Baroque and Romanesque churches. With its great location close to the sea as well as plenty of outdoor activities available nearby, you will be sure to find your perfect house in Coni!

Provincia di Torino Houses

Provincia di Torino, located in the beautiful region of Piemonte in Italy, offers some of the most amazing houses for sale. Whether you're looking for a luxury estate or a cozy mountain home, there's something to fit everyone's needs and budget here. The scenery is breathtaking - snow-capped mountains, rolling hills and fields of vineyards can be seen from any window. With its traditional gastronomic heritage and charming villages along with modern yet authentic cities such as Turin - home to one of the largest urban parks in Europe – it’s no wonder Torino Province attracts many visitors! Investing in real estate here promises an excellent return on investment due to its sought-after location combined with high quality housing options that won't break the bank - discover why Provincia di Torino is an ideal destination for your next property purchase today!

Novara Houses

There's no place quite like Novara, Italy! Located on the River Ticino, it is a city full of charm and culture. The beautiful architecture and vibrant atmosphere makes it the perfect destination for those looking to purchase a home in this amazing city. Whether you're searching for a luxury villa or cozy apartment, Novara has something to fit your needs – all within reach of top restaurants, cafes and lively nightlife spots. With easy access to highways connecting Milan and Turin, purchasing a house in Novara will provide you with an affordable real estate investment opportunity that won't disappoint. Explore charming Italian streetscapes today - search Novara homes for sale now!

Provincia di Asti Houses

Provincia di Asti, in Italy, is an ideal place for property seekers looking to buy an affordable house. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Italian villa or a modern apartment with the latest amenities, Provincia di Asti has something to offer. The region is known for its stunning countryside and picturesque vineyards that have been highlights of Italians homes since time immemorial. With its wonderful climate and excellent transport links, Provincia di Asti's real estate market continues to attract buyers from around the world. Choose your perfect home among our selection of houses available at various prices: rustic farmhouses, luxurious villas with private gardens, cozy apartments and more! Come discover why so many people have chosen this lovely province as their dream location when investing in their future!

Alexandria Houses

Alexandria is a charming city in Northern Italy, known for its rustic beauty and convenient access to the Mediterranean Sea. It is an ideal location for those looking to settle into a relaxing home with breathtaking views of rolling hills or crystal-clear waters. From traditional Italian-style villas complete with terracotta roofs to modern townhouses tucked away in peaceful neighborhoods, Alexandria offers amazing diversity in housing options. Whether you fancy a secluded holiday home surrounded by olive groves or want to be right in the centre of the action, this northern Italian gem has something for everyone! With its prime location on the coast and vast selection of properties available, Alexandria should be your destination of choice when it comes finding your perfect house!

Verbania Houses

Verbania is a beautiful city in the northwest region of Italy, located on the western branch of Lake Maggiore. It is an ideal destination for those looking to buy a house in Italy due to its unspoiled natural beauty and magnificent views. Wake up every morning to stunning scenery, take leisurely strolls in lush surroundings and indulge yourself with the exquisite regional cuisine that can be found here. Verbania's diverse property portfolio boasts luxurious villas perched atop hillsides with breathtaking lake views, traditional Italian farmhouses nestled amongst vineyards, or contemporary apartments situated along picturesque piazze - all within easy proximity of Milan or Geneva airports. With over 20 years experience in helping clients purchase houses in Verbania , we are ready to help find you your perfect Italian home today!

Biella Houses

Biella, Italy is an idyllic city boasting a vibrant culture and enchanting landscape. Located in the northern region of Piedmont, it offers its residents and visitors wonderful homes for sale that are renowned for their luxurious interiors and traditional Italian style. With picturesque views of rolling hillsides and charming villages nearby, these properties boast stunning features such as terracotta roof tiles, archways, balconies overlooking cobblestone streets or large lush gardens ideal for enjoying outdoor life to the fullest. Whether you’re looking to buy a dream holiday home or even relocate here permanently Biella has much to offer with its wealth of excellent residential opportunities.