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The Piedmont Land

The Piedmont region of Italy is a breathtakingly beautiful area, offering amazing views and lush landscapes. From the rolling hilltops to the emerald green valleys, it's clear why so many buyers are seeking land for sale here. Whether you're looking for a plot of agricultural land or an ideal location for your dream home, The Piedmont has something to offer everyone. Stunning mountain peaks surround picturesque villages while vineyards dotting the countryside make this a perfect choice if you're looking to start cultivating grapes or other crops. With plenty of sun-drenched days, relaxed lifestyle and stunning scenery on offer, The Piedmont could be just what you've been searching for when it comes to purchasing land in Italy.
  • Coni
  • Provincia di Torino
  • Novara
  • Provincia di Asti
  • Alexandria
  • Verbania
  • Biella

Coni Land

Located in the heart of Italy is the charming village of Coni. Nestled between sprawling hills and picturesque mountain ranges, this region offers stunning vistas and plentiful land. Potential buyers have the opportunity to invest in acres of open farmland, perfect for growing produce or livestock, or lots ideal for constructing a custom home with sweeping views. With its lush pastures and rich soil, Coni provides an idyllic atmosphere to build your dream property. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat away from urban life or are looking to enter into the Italian agricultural market, there’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to real estate in Coni.

Provincia di Torino Land

Provincia di Torino is an ideal spot for owning land in Italy. Located in the northwestern region of the country, it is known for its majestic mountain ranges and lush green valleys. It's a popular destination for outdoor activities, like skiing, hiking, fishing and camping. The area has many undeveloped plots of land available with breathtaking views of sweeping landscapes full of alpine meadows and ancient villages dotted with churches. With easy access to nearby cities including Turin, Milan and Genoa, Provincia di Torino is perfect for anyone looking to own a piece of paradise in Italy's most beautiful countryside. Whether you're after raw nature or potential retail or commercial opportunities; come explore the unique offerings this Italian province has to offer!

Novara Land

Novara is a stunning Italian city situated between the foothills of the Alps and Po Valley. It is home to numerous plots of land perfect for any budding property tycoon, with some providing breathtaking views over exquisite lakes and riverside meadows. With fertile soil ideal for fruit trees and vineyards, opportunities to build your dream estate abound in Novara. Many parcels are already equipped with essential amenities such as electricity and water supply so you can start planning your new project straight away! Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial spot in the heart of this charming location, there's no shortage of land available in Novara.

Provincia di Asti Land

Provincia di Asti in Italy offers remarkable land for sale. Boasting rolling hills, lush vineyards and picturesque mountain views, you will never be short of magnificent backdrops. Whether you’re looking to build a holiday home or develop your own agricultural estate, the diverse range of plots available will not disappoint. Rich in culture and heritage with well-established local produce markets and quaint villages throughout, Provincia di Asti is an ideal spot for those seeking the perfect plot of land in Italy.

Alexandria Land

Alexandria is a beautiful city in northern Italy with plenty of land to explore. The spectacular views and Mediterranean climate make it the perfect place to buy a plot of land. You can choose from small town plots, seaside lots, rolling hills, and everything in between. Investing in Alexandria’s real estate means you will be living amidst rich history and culture. Whether your dream is to build your own home or open an agricultural business, you will find just the right piece of land in this stunning Italian city. Take advantage of Alexandria’s prime location near the water and mountains for maximum investment potential—it’s time to find your perfect plot!

Verbania Land

Verbania, in the Italian region of Piedmont, is a stunning place to find land. Located on the shores of Lake Maggiore and surrounded by mountain peaks, Verbania offers breathtaking views for anyone looking to invest in property. With lush forests full of wild mushrooms and different species of plants, this area is ideal for those looking for raw land with potential or an untouched piece of paradise. Taking advantage of what nature has to offer is easy here: lakeside beaches are perfect for swimming and boating while nearby trails let adventurous souls explore hidden gems that give Verbania its unique character. Whether you’re planning to build your dream home or start a business venture, get ready for an idyllic life when you buy land in Verbania!

Biella Land

Located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Biella is a stunningly picturesque city surrounded by lush green pastures and snow-capped mountains. Discover large tracts of coveted land in Biella; perfect for agricultural or industrial uses. Here you can find plots with undulating contours ideal for grape cultivation as well as larger flat areas suitable for commercial projects. From cattle grazing lands to olive groves, vineyards to orchards this region offers it all. A variety of land sizes are available from rural farms to smaller parcels ideal for building homes with plenty of options in between. Investing in real estate here guarantees lasting value and amazing panoramic views that won’t disappoint any buyer looking for an idyllic slice of Italy!