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Marche Property

Marche, in Italy, is a region with stunning natural beauty and an array of inspiring attractions. Located on the Adriatic coast, Marche boasts spectacular seaside resorts and breathtaking landscapes that offer something for everyone. From rolling hills and lush vineyards to bustling cities and quaint mountain towns, Marche has it all. Whether you're looking for pristine beaches or world-class skiing, Marche has something to charm any visitor. Real estate in the area is diverse, ranging from rural country cottages to chic city apartments - perfect for those seeking an Italian holiday home or investment opportunity. With its unbeatable location and vibrant culture, real estate in Marche is a winner!
  • Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
  • Provincia di Macerata
  • Provincia di Fermo
  • Ancoa
  • Pesaro and Urbino

Provincia di Ascoli Piceno Property

Provincia di Ascoli Piceno is a stunning Italian province located in the beautiful Marche region. With its picturesque hillside towns, rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, it's no wonder why Provincia di Ascoli Piceno is one of Italy's most sought-after regions for real estate. From charming villas nestled on the slopes of Monte Sibillini to luxurious apartments with views over the Adriatic Sea, there are plenty of properties to choose from. Whether you're looking for a holiday home or an investment opportunity, this area has something for everyone. With its fantastic climate and close proximity to cities like Rome and Florence, as well as other local attractions such as Castellano Grotta National Park, there are endless opportunities for exploration here. Get ready to immerse yourself in Italian beauty – Provincia di Ascoli Piceno awaits!

Provincia di Macerata Property

Provincia di Macerata is a beautiful Italian province nestled in the Marche region. With stunning landscapes, a picturesque coastline and over 50 historic villages, it has something for everyone looking to buy real estate in Italy. From rolling hillsides to ancient churches and cobblestone streets, this area offers a perfect mix of culture and nature. The crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea make this an attractive place to live as well as visit! Whether you want to purchase an apartment in one of its major cities or find your dream villa in the peaceful countryside, Provincia di Macerata can provide you with a unique home or investment opportunity at extremely competitive prices.

Provincia di Fermo Property

Provincia di Fermo is an idyllic Italian town perfect for both leisure and business. With its stunning landscapes, breathtaking architecture, vibrant culture and rich history; this province offers the ideal setting to purchase a home or invest in real estate. From small apartments to sprawling villas, there’s something here for everyone. The beautiful hills of the Sibillini Mountains provide breathtaking scenery while lush vineyards offer endless ranges of local wines. Provincia di Fermo is also known for its diverse range of activities including walking trails, cycling routes and fishing spots. With the combination of excellent infrastructure, warm hospitality and relaxed lifestyle it’s no wonder that this charming Italian city draws people from all walks of life looking to buy or invest in property. Whether you’re searching for a holiday home or long-term investment opportunity - look no further than Provincia di Fermo!

Ancoa Property

Ancoa, Italy is a stunning location for anyone looking to invest in real estate. Located on the Tyrrhenian Sea and nestled between Liguria and Tuscany, Ancoa is known for its spectacular coastal vistas and rolling Italian countryside. The city has a vibrant culture with plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes providing local specialties like pizza al tonno and focaccia di recco. An excellent selection of real estate options including villas luxury apartments are available here - whether you're looking to buy or rent you'll find something that fits your needs. Ancoa is also perfectly situated for those wanting access to other nearby attractions; it's just an hour away from Pisa, Florence and Cinque Terre making day trips to some of Italy's most iconic destinations easy! Investing in property in this amazing Italian city makes financial sense as prices remain attractive compared to many other European locations.

Pesaro and Urbino Property

Pesaro and Urbino offer a unique combination of rustic beauty, deep historical significance and modern convenience. This beautiful region of Italy brings together the Italian traditions of rolling hills, picturesque villages, charming castles and the Adriatic coastline. The area is filled with fascinating history as well as all kinds of activities to keep you busy – such as shopping in bustling city centers, relaxing on pristine beaches or exploring ancient monuments. For real estate buyers looking for rural charm with easy access to urban amenities closeby, Pesaro and Urbino could be the perfect place to call home! With plenty of options available from farmhouses set in verdant farmland to luxury villas situated along the coast; there’s sure to be something here that suits everyone's needs!

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Marche Apartments with balcony

Marche, Italy is a stunning destination for those looking to purchase an apartment with a balcony. Located in Eastern Italy, Marche's picturesque landscape makes it the perfect place for unwinding after a long day. With breathtaking mountain views and sandy beaches nearby, owning an apartment with terrace gives you the chance to take full advantage of what this area has to offer. The sparkling waters provide an oasis of tranquility and nature while the bustling villages offer excellent restaurants and pubs serving delicious local delicacies such as cured meats and homemade pasta dishes. Shopping opportunities abound due to its close proximity to major Italian cities like Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan. No matter where you choose your desired residence in Marche, it’s sure that having both access to nature plus city amenities will be well worth it.

Marche Land

Discover Marche, Italy and its breathtaking country landscapes of rolling hills, vast green meadows, and rugged mountain terrains. This beautiful region is characterized by its unique mix of abundant land plots for sale – from sprawling farmland to coastal coves and remote forests. With its mild Mediterranean climate ideal for year-round farming activities, the fertile grounds of Marche are perfect for agricultural production or leisurely outdoor pursuits such as hiking and bird watching. Thanks to numerous tourist attractions like castles dating back centuries, historical monuments, pilgrimage sites and stunning beaches during summer months, Marche offers a great balance between rural living and urban comforts. Whether you're looking to buy a plot with sweeping views over the wine producing villages in the countryside or one closer to any nearby cities like Ancona or Macerata – your perfect property awaits in Marche!

Marche Houses with pool

Marche is the perfect destination for those looking to purchase a home with a pool. Located in the central part of Italy, Marche boasts stunning landscapes and plenty of fun-filled activities that make it an ideal place for families or those seeking relaxation. There are many homes with private pools available in this tranquil city. Enjoy outdoor living when you buy a house in Marche – take a dip in the pool on hot summer days or relax under the sun all year round! The region has lots of options, ranging from traditional Italian villas to modern apartments offering great views over the town's beautiful gardens and hills. Investing in one of these properties means making memories that will last forever – don't miss out on your dream house with swimming pool here!

Marche Apartments

Marche, Italy is the perfect place for finding the dream apartment you've been searching for. Whether you are looking for a luxurious high-rise with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea or a cozy condominium nestled in rolling hillsides and forests, Marche has it all. The region's rich cultural heritage, vibrant cities, beautiful coastline, diverse landscape and delicious food provide an unparalleled living experience. Plus, there are plenty of real estate opportunities to accommodate any budget! Investigate Marche's many apartments today and find your perfect fit.

Marche Houses with parking

Marche, Italy, is the perfect getaway for families seeking a home with a garage. Located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast, this charming region offers plenty of gorgeous properties that include garages; ideal for car owners or those needing extra storage space. Marche boasts rural tranquility while remaining close to major cities such as Ancona and Macerata. With stunning landscapes and pristine beaches, Marche has no shortage of homes with a garage fit for any budget. Whether it’s an intimate villa in Urbino or an apartment in San Benedetto del Tronto, real estate opportunities are plentiful here! Come explore all that Marche has to offer you by searching through our listings of houses with garages today!

Marche Houses with garden

Marche, Italy is an ideal location for real estate seekers looking for a house with a garden. The region offers picturesque views of the Italian countryside, making it attractive to potential buyers. The area boasts its coastline and mountainscape in addition to offering cities with lively downtown areas. Whether you’re seeking country-style living or prefer a more urban setting, Marche has something for everyone. Houses with gardens are available in many sizes and styles for those looking to invest in real estate here – from large traditional villas to smaller modern apartments - all situated within idyllic and well-maintained gardens which provide plenty of space for outdoor activities. Make Marche your home today and reap the benefits of owning a house with a garden!

Marche Houses

Escape to historic Marche, Italy - the perfect place for house hunters. This beautiful region boasts stunning scenery and a rich cultural heritage set in rolling hills and valleys dotted with ancient forests and picturesque mountain landscapes. Explore the area's traditional villages located in idyllic settings of sandstone buildings, cobbled streets, rustic churches and medieval castles. Whether you are looking for an urban apartment or a country cottage, Marche has many options on offer at great prices. Families enjoy spacious accommodation suited to their needs while singles can find a cozy home near restaurants, entertainment venues or shops. Find your dream home today amongst this charming Italian region!