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Marche Houses with garden

Marche, Italy is an ideal location for real estate seekers looking for a house with a garden. The region offers picturesque views of the Italian countryside, making it attractive to potential buyers. The area boasts its coastline and mountainscape in addition to offering cities with lively downtown areas. Whether you’re seeking country-style living or prefer a more urban setting, Marche has something for everyone. Houses with gardens are available in many sizes and styles for those looking to invest in real estate here – from large traditional villas to smaller modern apartments - all situated within idyllic and well-maintained gardens which provide plenty of space for outdoor activities. Make Marche your home today and reap the benefits of owning a house with a garden!
  • Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
  • Provincia di Macerata
  • Provincia di Fermo
  • Ancoa
  • Pesaro and Urbino

Provincia di Ascoli Piceno Houses with garden

Provincia di Ascoli Piceno, in Italy is a stunning place to live and explore. This enchanting region is renowned for its beautiful rolling hills, crystal-clear rivers and breath-taking views of the Adriatic Coast. It's also home to some of Italy's most iconic vineyards! But if you're looking for a house with a garden, then Provincia di Ascoli Piceno is definitely the place for you. From traditional stone cottages nestled in olive groves to luxury villas surrounded by lush gardens blooming year-round, there are plenty of homes with gardens awaiting your personal touch. If you choose Provincia di Ascoli Piceno as your new home, expect an array of activities such as swimming in thermal pools or exploring breathtaking castles - all while enjoying your own private piece of paradise!

Provincia di Macerata Houses with garden

Provincia di Macerata, located in the Marche region of Italy, is a prime destination for house-hunters looking for properties with gardens. Boasting magnificent views and exceptional weather year-round, this paradise on earth offers a multitude of stunning houses with lush gardens that will make your dream home come true. Whether you're seeking quaint countryside villas or luxurious modern family homes surrounded by spectacular greenery, Provincia di Macerata has something to suit everyone's needs. Enjoy living close to nature and cultivating your very own outdoor oasis - forget the hustle and bustle of city life in favor of the tranquility offered by these heavenly homes with gardens!

Provincia di Fermo Houses with garden

Provincia di Fermo in Italy is a picturesque destination for anyone seeking to purchase a house with garden. This stunning region presents numerous opportunities for those looking to invest in property with lush outdoor spaces. From country homes with rustic charm and private gardens, to modern villas surrounded by manicured lawns, there’s something for every taste and budget here. The Mediterranean climate allows for an abundance of flora, where you can expect tree-lined streets complete with jasmine flowers. Make your dreams come true and purchase the perfect abode for all seasons in Provincia di Fermo!

Ancoa Houses with garden

Nestled in the rolling hills of Ancona, Italy lies a beautiful array of houses with gardens. Those looking for a unique Italian experience should consider buying one of these stunning properties. A house with a garden in Ancona provides plenty of scenic beauty and seclusion. Many homes offer large terraces to enjoy views across the mountains and valleys, while quaint courtyards provide an ideal spot for enjoying alfresco meals and relaxation. With so many picturesque spots around each property, gardens are perfect spaces for growing vegetables or flowers, while still giving you plenty of privacy and recreation space away from busy city life. If you’re looking to buy your dream house with a garden in Italy, let us help you find just what you need right here in Ancona!

Pesaro and Urbino Houses with garden

Pesaro and Urbino, Italy are stunning locations to find a beautiful house with garden. The cities offer many properties that will take your breath away - from classic villas surrounded by lush gardens to modern apartments with spacious outdoor areas. Whether you're looking for a permanent residence or simply want an occasional retreat, you can find the ideal property in this picturesque area of Italy. Property seekers can explore charming streets lined with olive trees, stroll around town and be amazed at the architecture, attractions and views, all while discovering the perfect home for themselves complete with its own private garden oasis. Make Pesaro and Urbino your new destination – let us help you discover the dream house with garden that awaits here!

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Marche Land

The Marche region in Italy is a beautiful area full of potential real estate opportunities. From rolling hilltops to lush valleys, the vast tract of land offers something to capture every eye. Whether you're looking for an investment opportunity or land on which to build your dream home, the Marche region has it all. Here you can find everything from picturesque rural plots ideal for farmers and hobbyists, to unbeatable coastal locations with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea that make them perfect for vacation homes or luxury estates. The chances are endless when it comes to investing in land in Marche: take advantage today!

Marche Apartments

Marche, Italy is a picturesque region with stunning coastal views and rolling hills. With its mild Mediterranean climate and perfect mix of urban amenities and unspoiled nature, it's the ideal place to find your dream apartment. In Marche you'll find spacious apartments with balconies offering breathtaking views of idyllic landscapes, as well as modern units complete with contemporary furnishings and luxurious features. Whether you're looking for a vacation home near the beach or an investment property in town, Marche offers something for everyone - so why not consider making this enchanting Italian region your new home?

Marche Houses with pool

If you're looking for a dream pool house in Italy, then Marche is perfect for you! This stunning area is nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains giving it an unparalleled beauty that will take your breath away. Whether your ideal swimming pool home has coastal views or hillside vistas, Marche offers them both in abundance. With so many luxurious homes boasting high end features like heated pools and private spas, choosing one to call your own will be hard to resist! Explore all the possibilities of life by a swimmer's paradise when you browse through our listings of houses with swimming pools available in Marche today.

Marche Apartments with balcony

Marche, Italy is the perfect place to find a beautiful apartment with a balcony. Located on the Adriatic coast, Marche offers stunning Mediterranean views from your private balcony. From sunbathing to dining al fresco or simply enjoying a morning coffee out in the open air, balconies in Marche provide an ideal outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Choose from apartments featuring terraces, Juliette balconies or even full wrap-around balconies – there’s something here for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a condo near the beach or an historic city center property with great sea views, you can be sure of finding a gorgeous apartment with balcony in Marche!

Marche Houses with parking

Marche, Italy, is the perfect getaway for families seeking a home with a garage. Located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast, this charming region offers plenty of gorgeous properties that include garages; ideal for car owners or those needing extra storage space. Marche boasts rural tranquility while remaining close to major cities such as Ancona and Macerata. With stunning landscapes and pristine beaches, Marche has no shortage of homes with a garage fit for any budget. Whether it’s an intimate villa in Urbino or an apartment in San Benedetto del Tronto, real estate opportunities are plentiful here! Come explore all that Marche has to offer you by searching through our listings of houses with garages today!

Marche Houses

Escape to historic Marche, Italy - the perfect place for house hunters. This beautiful region boasts stunning scenery and a rich cultural heritage set in rolling hills and valleys dotted with ancient forests and picturesque mountain landscapes. Explore the area's traditional villages located in idyllic settings of sandstone buildings, cobbled streets, rustic churches and medieval castles. Whether you are looking for an urban apartment or a country cottage, Marche has many options on offer at great prices. Families enjoy spacious accommodation suited to their needs while singles can find a cozy home near restaurants, entertainment venues or shops. Find your dream home today amongst this charming Italian region!