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Campania Property

Campania is a beautiful region in Italy, situated on the Gulf of Naples and renowned for its stunning landscapes, elegant cities and ancient ruins. From the extravagant Palazzo Reale di Caserta, to the majestic Amalfi Coast and historical Pompeii, Campania has something to offer every visitor. With its hot Mediterranean climate, great shopping opportunities and lively nightlife scene, there's plenty to enjoy here! For those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle amidst natural beauty there are numerous picturesque towns such as Ravello. Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a place to call home; Campania offers world-class amenities at affordable prices. If you're ready to experience true Italian living – get searching through our website now!
  • Salerno
  • Benevento
  • Provincia di Napoli
  • Caserta
  • Provincia di Avellino

Salerno Property

Discover Salerno, a vibrant city in Southern Italy filled with stunning views and countless cultural attractions. Located near the Amalfi Coast, this picturesque town boasts an array of fascinating architecture, ranging from medieval churches to classical cathedrals and more. With its mild Mediterranean climate and breathtakingly beautiful coastline, Salerno is a perfect holiday destination offering boundless opportunities for relaxation or exploration – take your pick! From exploring local markets and sampling delicious cuisine to marveling at gorgeous sites such as the Castello di Arechi or the Lungomare Trieste waterfront promenade – there’s something for everyone in this charming Italian town.

Benevento Property

Benevento is an enchanting city nestled in Southern Italy's Campania region. Filled with ancient history and Mediterranean charm, Benevento offers a unique real estate experience perfect for those looking for a modern yet traditional Italian lifestyle. From sprawling villas to charming apartments, the city has something to offer everyone. Primely located near Naples and the Amalfi Coast, buying real estate in Benevento provides access to some of the best food, culture and countless opportunities for exploration; all within a stone's throw of one another.Whether you're searching for an idyllic countryside retreat or an urban oasis in the heart of it all – look no further than Benevento!

Provincia di Napoli Property

Provincia di Napoli is a stunning region of Italy situated between the Campania and Lazio regions. The city has an incredible array of ancient architecture, vibrant culture, world-class food and beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Provincia di Napoli real estate is diverse and varied, making it perfect for anyone looking to buy or rent a property in this amazing part of the country. With its temperate climate, cobbled streets and high-end shopping opportunities all within easy reach, there’s no shortage of things to do here. Whether you’re looking for an apartment overlooking the sea or rural seclusion on the hillsides, there’s something to suit everyone in Provincia di Napoli – guaranteed!

Caserta Property

Caserta is a vibrant Italian city and an unforgettable location for your next real estate purchase. Located in the south of Italy, Caserta offers picturesque canals, lush parks, and quaint historical sites. It’s the perfect place to find your dream home or investment property with opportunities from modern luxury apartments to traditional villas. Whether you want a house near the buzzing city center or one closer to nature’s peaceful countryside – you won't be disappointed! With amazing amenities like local museums, a thriving art culture, and excellent transport links – Caserta has something for everyone. Discover why this unique city is beloved by Italians and explore our fantastic range of properties today!

Provincia di Avellino Property

Provincia di Avellino, situated in the heart of Campania, is renowned for its spectacular views and abundance of outdoor activities. From lush forests to crystal-clear lakes, this region offers the perfect opportunity for a refreshing getaway. Whether you’re looking for villas or apartments in rural settings, you’ll find a variety of real estate possibilities that will suit your needs. Explore nearby quaint villages and take in the stunning views of Monte Terminio during your stay here. Make Provincia di Avellino your own with exceptional real estate opportunities!

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Campania Apartments

Campania, a serene and picturesque region in Southern Italy, is home to some of the most beautiful apartments for sale. Situated by the stunning Tyrrhenian Sea, Campania offers gorgeous waterfront properties with breathtaking views. The bustling cities of Naples and Salerno serve as hubs for excellent culture and entertainment activities. From chic modern condos overlooking the harbor to classically-styled terraced villas nestled in rolling hillsides – there are plenty of unique options when it comes to real estate here in Campania! Whether you’re looking for luxury or comfort, this region has something special waiting for you.

Campania Houses with pool

Campania is the perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle with access to a swimming pool. Located on Italy's beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea coast, Campania is home to many opulent villas and majestic mansions with breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Many of these properties have private pools surrounded by lush gardens and terraces, offering a refuge from the Italian sun. Whether you are looking for an investment property or your next dream home, explore our listings of houses with swimming pools in Campania to find your perfect oasis.

Campania Country houses

Campania, in the south of Italy, is a paradise for those looking to purchase rural houses. With its diverse landscape of rolling hills and stunning coastline, Campania provides an ideal backdrop to enjoy the natural beauty of this region. Here you can find enchanting homes set amongst olive groves and vineyards with breathtaking views over the Tyrrhenian Sea. These rural properties come with features such as spacious outdoor spaces with terraces or gardens that are perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying al fresco dining in the Mediterranean sunshine. For those seeking seclusion from city life without sacrificing modern comforts, Campania's selection of rural houses has everything you need!

Campania Houses

Visitors to Campania, Italy will find a wide variety of charming and historic houses for sale. Whether looking for a modern villa overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea or a centuries-old stone farmhouse in the countryside, potential homeowners will be able to find their dream home in this scenic region. With many beaches nearby, including world-famous resorts like Amalfi and Sorrento Coast, buyers can enjoy long summer days soaking up the sun on golden sands. There are also plenty of excellent traditional restaurants serving delicious local cuisine such as pizza and pasta dishes. Homebuyers searching for properties should not miss out on the opportunity to make Campania their new home!

Campania Land

Campania, Italy, is an ideal area for those looking to purchase large plots of land. Located in the south of the country along the coast, this region boasts some stunning natural beauty such as majestic mountain ranges and spectacular beaches. The climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers that offer visitors plenty of opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. With its remarkable scenery and plethora of properties on sale, Campania offers those looking to buy land a wealth of choice. Whether it’s a rural plot suitable for building or getting back to nature via camping or walking trails in the mountains, there’s something here for everyone searching for their own special piece of paradise. Invest in your future today with property in Campania - you won’t regret it!

Campania Houses with garden

Campania, Italy is the perfect location to find a house with a garden. With its lush green countryside and beautiful breathtaking views, you'll be able to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with plenty of space for entertaining. Whether you are looking for a luxurious villa or more affordable options, Campania has something for everyone! Search through our listings to find your dream garden home near the vibrant city center and stunning beaches of Campania. Enjoy living in close proximity to nature while still having easy access to all the amenities this wonderful region has to offer. Make sure that you buy your dream house with garden in beautiful Campania today!

Campania Houses with parking

Dream of living in the stunning Italian region of Campania? Make your dreams a reality with real estate companies offering homes featuring a garage. From Naples to Salerno, there is no shortage of houses with garages available for purchase. Inside these properties you'll find plenty of architectural features, often boasting beautiful outdoor terraces and patios along with a convenient garage space for parking or storage. Whether you're looking for an affordable apartment near the beach or a luxurious villa tucked away in the idyllic countryside, you're sure to find just what you need among Campania's selection of garaged homes. Don't miss out on this spectacular piece of Italy—browse through our listings now!