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Sicily Property

Sicily, Italy is an enchanting Mediterranean island surrounded by crystal-clear azure waters and captivating landscapes. An ideal destination for a holiday or to purchase a property in the sunshine, this sunny region offers picture perfect views of rolling hills and lush green valleys. With its fascinating ancient cities, world class beaches, delicious cuisine and vibrant culture, Sicily is the perfect destination whether you’re looking to buy a villa or apartment in the sun. Explore coastal towns like Catania or Messina where history comes alive amidst stunning architecture; discover hidden coves away from bustling beaches; enjoy traditional Italian dishes at family-run restaurants dotted along coastline. With great prices for real estate available now there's never been a better time to make Sicily your acquisition of choice.
  • Palermo
  • Agrigento
  • Messina
  • Provincia di Siracusa
  • Trapani
  • Ragusa
  • Catania

Palermo Property

Palermo is a vibrant and culturally rich city in the southern Italian region of Sicily. From its bustling local markets to its historic landmarks, Palermo truly has something for everyone. Those looking to purchase property will find no shortage of residential and commercial real estate options here. Whether you’re searching for an affordable apartment in the heart of the city or looking for a larger villa outside of town, Palermo has properties that can suit your needs. With beautiful views, access to great amenities and activities, and affordability, Palermo is one of Italy's most desirable real estate destinations.

Agrigento Property

Agrigento, the vibrant city in Sicily, is the perfect spot for anyone looking to invest in real estate. Situated on a hill above the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys stunning views of sandy beaches and azure waters. Its historical centre offers charming houses made from local limestone while its outskirts offer great investment opportunities with modern apartments surrounded by lush green parks. The city centre has numerous attractions – including archaeological sites such as the Valley of Temples – making it an ideal destination for both tourists and property buyers alike. With plenty of options available at competitive prices; Agrigento is an excellent choice for those who want to make a smart investment in Italian real estate.

Messina Property

Messina is an enchanting city in Italy's stunning Sicilian region. Situated on the Strait of Messina, there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to buy property here. Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle with beautiful beaches and delicious local cuisine, as you explore all that this vibrant area has to offer. With a range of real estate options available, from detached villas to penthouses with spectacular views over the sea, discover why Messina is such a desirable destination for Italian living. From charming apartments in the centre to luxury beachside properties, it's easy to find your perfect slice of Italian paradise here!

Provincia di Siracusa Property

Provincia di Siracusa is a vibrant and beautiful region in southeastern Sicily. With its stunning coastline, lush countryside and rich culture, Siracusa is an ideal place to purchase real estate. From beachside villas with mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean sea to classic rural farmhouses situated among rolling hills, Provincia di Siracusa offers the perfect property for everyone! Whether you're looking for a vacation spot or your dream home, rest assured that this spectacular province will provide all the amenities and services expected from Italian real estate. With so much opportunity available here in Siracusa, don't miss out on one of Italy's most treasured regions!

Trapani Property

Trapani is a spectacular city on the west coast of Sicily, Italy. It's renowned for its stunning coastline and ancient history, as well as its modern attractions. Enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters by day, and explore some of Trapani's most noteworthy landmarks at night. From the historical center to the breathtaking views from Mount Erice and San Vito Lo Capo, there are plenty of things to do and see here in this beautiful Italian city. With an array of real estate options available on both the mainland and islands surrounding Trapani - including apartments, townhouses, villas or commercial units - you're sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly!

Ragusa Property

Ragusa, located in the southeastern corner of Italy, is a stunning city known for its Baroque-style architecture and picturesque views. Whether you’re looking for an apartment with waterfront access or a villa in the hills - Ragusa real estate has something to offer everyone. With breathtaking landscapes, modern amenities and easy access to Sicily's famous beaches and nature reserves, Ragusa is an ideal choice for those seeking a home of unparalleled beauty. Investing in Ragusa real estate promises not only comfort but also the experience of living among some of Italy's most iconic sites – so don't miss out on this chance to own your piece of paradise!

Catania Property

Catania is an Italian provincial capital on the east coast of Sicily. Boasting a rich history, culture and stunning natural beauty, this vibrant city has a lot to offer. From its awe-inspiring mountain views and world-famous seafood cuisine to its picturesque piazzas, historic churches and grand Baroque architecture, Catania offers something for everyone. Invest in real estate here and enjoy easy access to beaches with pristine white sand as well as impressive archaeological sites like the Greek theatre of Taormina. A great option for those looking for sunshine all year round and long stretches of sandy paradise!

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Sicily Land

Discover the pristine beauty of Sicilian land. From rocky cliffs and azure blue waters to volcanic peaks and lush olive groves, the Italian island of Sicily is an outdoor oasis. With mountain ranges, rolling hills, and open expanses of countryside begging for exploration, you can find something perfect here to start a new life. Imagine building your dream home on a parcel with sweeping views; explore charming villages perched atop hilltops or tucked away in valleys; enjoy secluded coves and bays just steps from your front door. For lovers of nature, culture and cuisine alike — discover what it’s like to capture a piece of this exquisite corner of Italy: unrivalled land that could be yours today!

Sicily Apartments

Take a journey through the Mediterranean, where you can visit the idyllic island of Sicily. With its white sandy beaches and vibrant culture, it's no wonder that luxurious apartments in Sicily are highly sought-after. Apartments for sale here have been designed to capture the essence of Sicilian lifestyle; think tiled floors, open plan kitchens flooded with natural light and terraces overlooking the warm ocean views. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday away from home or find somewhere to settle down permanently, these Italian apartments tick all the right boxes. Investing in apartments in Sicily can offer huge rewards – so why wait? Make your dreams come true today!

Sicily Houses with pool

Sicily, Italy is a dream destination for those seeking sun-soaked days and nights spent lounging poolside. With its stunning beaches and year-round mild climate, Sicily's beauty makes it an idyllic spot to find the perfect home with a swimming pool. Imagine owning a villa with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea and your own private oasis of crystal clear aquamarine waters each day. From luxury high-rise apartments to rustic stone village homes, Sicily has something for everyone in search of property featuring a swimming pool. Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or your forever home, there’s no better place than Sicily!

Sicily Apartments with balcony

If you're looking for a Mediterranean getaway, Sicily is the perfect choice. With its picturesque landscapes and stunning beaches, the island of Sicily has something to offer everyone. Apartments with balconies in beautiful Sicily will give you views of lush gardens and rolling hills that stretch out to the sparkling sea. Enjoy a glass of local wine while admiring your views from one of our many balcony apartments for sale! Our selection includes everything from charming historic homes overlooking cobblestoned streets to luxury modern residences with access to incredible amenities such as pools and gyms. Whether you’re searching for an elegant city flat or a cozy cottage on the beach, find it all here - browse our listings today!

Sicily Houses with parking

Looking to buy a house with a garage in Sicily, Italy? Look no further! This sunny Italian region offers plenty of homes with garages for sale. Whether you are looking for a traditional two-story villa or an apartment in the city center, Sicily can accommodate your needs. Enjoy the stunning Mediterranean beaches while living close to historic sites like Mount Etna and Taormina, all while keeping your car safely parked away from the elements in your own garage. Investing in real estate and property with a garage is easy when you shop around Sicily – don’t wait!

Sicily Houses with garden

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and home to stunning coastlines, Sicily is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a house with a garden. With its mild climate and lush vegetation, this Italian island provides the perfect opportunity to own a property with blooming flowers, fresh fruits, and plenty of outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for traditional Sicilian architecture or modern designs in urban areas, there is no shortage of houses with gardens here. From palatial estates to cozy villas in vibrant villages, you can find all sorts of living spaces that come equipped with gorgeous gardens. Enjoy life on the sunny side by embracing Sicily's poolside lifestyle and discovering the beauty of its flora!

Sicily Houses

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is home to Houses of unparalleled beauty. From terracotta-roofed, whitewashed villages to contemporary waterfront homes, you are sure to find your dream property here. With its lush landscape featuring rolling hills and rugged mountains, scenic beaches and clear waters, Sicily offers great House options that range from rustic coastal cottages to grand villas with private pools. Those looking for a luxury lifestyle can choose from designer houses located within prestigious gated communities with an array of amenities such as fine dining restaurants and state-of-the art facilities. Whether seeking a vacation home or full time residence in one of Italy's most vibrant regions - there's something for everyone on this idyllic Mediterranean island!