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Property Provincia di Trento : 26 houses for sale



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Trento Luxury Homes - 0Mh3

689,000 €

Trento Luxury Homes - 0Mh3

Luxury apartments under construction on a hilly and panoramic position, 5 km from Trento. These apartments have a net saleable area between 184 and 240 sq.m and will include airy open-plan living areas, 3 or 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Private terraces and gardens. Energy class: A+. Delivery planned

  • 184
  • 4
Pergine Valsugana, two bedroom apartment

220,000 €

  • 46
  • 3
Boutique winery Doc Trentino with typical manor house in panoramic setting

8,950,000 €

Boutique winery Doc Trentino with typical manor house in panoramic setting

Boutique winery Doc Trentino for sale with a rich 100-year winemaking history. The winery is located in a marvellous panoramic setting close to Lake Garda and is surrounded by exceptionally well cultivated vineyards. A typical and fully restored manor house, a large annexe building with state-of-the

  • 1,373
  • 14 ha
  • 8
Varignano-Arco,Historic center portion sky earth

590,000 €

Arco since ancient times has always been a place of care for the people of Trentino and not. In fact, its mild climate, due to the Ora del Garda, has made it the favorite destination of those who mainly had respiratory problems. Even today it is a renowned tourist area in all seasons: its microclima

  • 201
  • 260
  • 6
Trento, three rooms along the avenues of the center

398,000 €

The house with distinctly elegant features, is located in a strategic position a few minutes from the historic center of Trento. The property is located near the major local historical and artistic attractions, including the famous Buonconsiglio Castle with its late medieval frescoes. A city that

  • 98
  • 4
Crosano di Brentonico, single villa with garden

550,000 €

We are in the splendid setting of Brentonico, from which you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views that ranges from the Po Valley, to Lake Garda up to the Dolomites. Here, surrounded by the Palù park, with its centuries-old, majestic poplars, everything is tailored for relaxation. But for thos

  • 134
  • 580
  • 5
Dro, an apartment for a new beginning

195,000 €

If the time has come for you to change your life, to finally go and live alone or live with another person we have the right solution. Dro, a paradise for climbers, is a well-stocked and characteristic village of the Valley of the Lakes not far from Lake Garda which enjoys the beneficial climatic i

  • 35
  • 2
Riva del Garda, a fabulous apartment

398,000 €

What we want to propose today is not the classic two-bedroom apartment, get ready to surprise you in a guided tour that will involve all your senses ... We are in Riva del Garda, on the north shore of the lake of the same name, here on this wonderful summer day you can enjoy the taste of the alleys

  • 90
  • 3
Altipiano Brentonico, 2 bedroom apartment

105,000 €

The Brentonico plateau, the "garden of Italy", is the first mountain resort that you meet coming from the south and entering Trentino. Brentonico is located in the heart of the Monte Baldo Park, famous for its microclimate and for its landscape that extends from Vallagarina to Lake Garda and up to

  • 56
  • 3
Rango, heaven earth portion in the center of the country

160,000 €

Rango is a more than quiet choice for all those who wish to relax, given the tranquility of the place and the small number of inhabitants who live there. It is a small town rich in traditions and since 2006 indicated among the most beautiful villages in Italy. Located in the municipality of Bleggio

  • 100
  • 5
Salter, single villa with large garden

695,000 €

The charm of the rustic surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of val di Non. This charming house is located in the village of Salter, a municipality of Romeno, birthplace of the painter Giambattista Lampi. Located in a sunny plateau on the southern border of Upper Anaunia, the resort is an

  • 196
  • 1,500
  • 6
Trentino, 3-star hotel, restaurant, bar

1,500,000 €

Located in a barycentric position, this structure that we are going to introduce to you can be the ideal solution of investment in activities that is well suited to a "family" management. In fact, we are about halfway between Trento and Riva del Garda, with the Valley of the Lakes behind us and at

  • 1,442
  • 1,990
  • 26
Chini Street, your place in the sun in the city

245,000 €

Are you a young couple or a single and working in the city? Don't you want to use your car to get to work? Do you want to make a sure-value investment? Today we offer you the ideal solution. We are in Via Chini, a quiet street, in the immediate vicinity of the S. Chiara Hospital in Trento that emer

  • 54
  • 3
Baselga di Pinè portion of the house to be restored

105,000 €

Baselga di Pinè was the ancient refuge in the warm summer months of the families well of Trento, who escaped from the heat of the Adige valley and found on the Plateau an ideal place to spend their days among walks in the woods, picnics in the meadows and some strokes in the lakes of Serraia or the

  • 57
  • 80
  • 3
Single Villa Mezzaselva di Folgaria

500,000 €

On the road from Folgaria, one of the three municipalities of Alpe Cimbra, to Serrada, the futurist village, we find Mezzaselva, a small hamlet surrounded by the greenery of the woods and meadows. Hidden here among conifers, stands a villa whose architecture recalls the romantic 60s, when mountain

  • 97
  • 800
  • 6
B&B in wonderful renovated farm

620,000 €

The Maso Fradea is located in the middle of uncontaminated nature and with breathtaking views of the Eastern Dolomites. The property is located on an ancient mountain farm of the 1800s, now completely renovated and surrounded by 5,600 square meters. Of land. It is currently used as a B&B and the s

  • 480
  • 5,600
  • 18
Capriana val di Fiemme,portion of the house

240,000 €

In the historic center of Capriana, a small town in the Val di Fiemme nestled among the woods and mountain pastures, portion of the sky-earth house with a magnificent view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. The house consists of a total of four floors, with the possibility of creating tw

  • 270
Fiavè, the charm of the historic house

150,000 €

The property with a characteristic retro flavor is located in Fiavè, in Trentino Alto-Adige, a place that welcomes every year many visitors interested in the archaeological heritage and beyond. Fiavè, located on the Lomaso plateau, was born from the mixture of three ancient medieval nuclei and recor

  • 122
  • 6
Beautiful wooden chalet in Tremalzo

450,000 €

Tremalzo is a town in the municipality of Tiarno di Sopra in the province of Trento, a small verdant paradise very renowned and frequented above all for the enchanting natural attractions that annually attract visitors from all backgrounds. Loved by all those who wish to carve out precious moments

  • 166
  • 1,990
  • 6
Comano Terme, a large attic to be re-established

39,000 €

We are in the splendid setting of Comano, in the Valley of the Baths, a destination not to be missed unesco heritage at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, 30 kilometers from Trento and about twenty kilometers from Lake Garda. Comano, in addition to the beauty of the territory that surrounds it and th

  • 150
  • 6
Single villa with two housing units

650,000 €

Pergine Valsugana, finds its origins in the distant Middle Ages from the mid-1800s and has developed over the centuries becoming by importance and population the third municipality of the Province of Trento. An ideal place to live, it is a small town on a human level that offers its residents all t

  • 215
  • 420
  • 10
Brentonico Plateau, B&B with apartment

487,500 €

We are in the enchanting setting of the Brentonico Plateau, the "garden of Italy", the first mountain resort that you meet coming from the south and entering the province of Trento. The Brentonico Plateau where the main center is the homonymous village of Brentonico is located in the heart of the M

  • 209
  • 200
  • 9
   Andalo, large apartment with three bedrooms

355,000 €

For those who love the mountains and not only for them, Andalo does not need introductions. Nestled between paganella and the Brenta Dolomites, it is one of the most appreciated and recognized mountain resorts in Trentino. In addition to the breathtaking view it offers an infinite range of sports an

  • 90
  • 5
Brentonico, single villa with panoramic views of the plateau

440,000 €

The villa we want to propose is located in the town of Brentonico, in the residential area with a splendid view of the village and the plateau. Built in the late 1980s, following the local architecture and enhancing the outdoor spaces with large wooden balconies and terraces with exposed stone. B

  • 212
  • 540
  • 4