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Basilicata Property

Basilicata, Italy is a stunning region renowned for its lush countryside and captivating mountain views. Located on the country’s “boot heel”, this delightful Mediterranean terrain beckons to visitors with its pristine beaches and old-world charm. Whether you’re seeking an idyllic vacation spot or an opportunity to buy a beautiful home, Basilicata has something for everyone. Enjoy the local delicacies like salsiccia, caciocavallo silano cheese, or tarallini while exploring the ancient ruins of Matera that date back to 10th century BC – there is so much awaiting your discovery! Investing in real estate in Basilicata could be life-changing: picturesque towns such as Ricadi offer unparalleled opportunities for relaxing Italian living along with luxurious villas near Maratea and plentiful outdoor activities like trekking through Pollino National Park. With it's diverse landscape and blend of tradition and modernity; come experience why Basilicata is one of Italy's hidden gems.
  • Provincia di Potenza
  • Provincia di Matera

Provincia di Potenza Property

Provincia di Potenza, an enchanting region in Southern Italy, has been captivating people with its rolling hills and striking architecture for centuries. As part of the Basilicata region, it covers a vast area full of beautiful towns and villages where one can find traditional Italian homes with rustic charm and modern amenities at the same time. With so many properties available to purchase or rent, the range of possibilities is seemingly endless. Whether you’re looking for a quiet villa surrounded by nature or a quaint flat in town close to all major attractions, real estate in Provincia di Potenza offers something for everyone who seeks a special place to settle down. Investing in this wonderful corner of Italy just might be your perfect solution - explore what Provincia di Potenza has to offer today!

Provincia di Matera Property

Provincia di Matera, located in the beautiful and sunny region of Basilicata, Italy, is a stunning destination for anyone looking to buy real estate. With a rich cultural heritage stretching back thousands of years – and world famous landmark attractions like la Murgia National Park – Provincia di Matera offers an abundance of condos, villas, townhouses and apartments at great prices. Whether you're looking for a holiday home or permanent residence in Italy's south-east corner, Provincia di Matera has something perfect for your needs. Explore our listings today to find the ideal property in this unique slice of paradise.

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Basilicata Apartments

Basilicata is a stunning region in southern Italy that beckons discerning real estate seekers. With gorgeous vistas and a relaxed atmosphere, it's no wonder this area remains a desirable destination. Whether you're looking for an apartment on the coast or inland, Basilicata has something to offer. Here you'll find charming houses nestled in hillside villages and luxurious condos with mind-blowing panoramic views from their balconies - all just waiting for someone to call them home. If you’re looking for the perfect paradise retreat, explore our range of apartment listings in Basilicata today!

Basilicata Houses with pool

Escape to Italy's Basilicata region and find the perfect home with swimming pool! With its lush landscapes, cultural heritage, and gorgeous architecture, you can have your dream holiday getaway or forever home. Enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean Coast and be captivated by its rugged terrain. Homes for sale in Basilicata offer a range of luxurious amenities like a private swimming pool where you can cool off during hot summer days. Pools may include infinity-edge pools that give breathtaking views of mountains looming above while adding an extra touch of luxury to any outdoor living space. Don't wait - start looking for your own slice of paradise today!

Basilicata Country houses

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life by exploring rustic, rural homes in Basilicata! Whether it's an old-world farmhouse or a modern abode surrounded by gorgeous greenery, this Italian region has something for everyone. With its rolling hillsides and picturesque valleys, Basilicata offers a haven for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in nature. Enjoy easy access to local attractions such as breathtaking beaches and rugged mountains while enjoying your own retreat with plenty of room to breathe. Invest in your future now with an affordable rural property in Basilicata!

Basilicata Houses

Basilicata, in Italy, is home to some of the most beautiful houses. From rural farmhouses surrounded by centuries-old olive groves to modern villas with stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Basilicata real estate has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quaint mountain retreat or a luxurious waterfront property, you’re sure to find an amazing house in Basilicata that fits your needs and budget. With cities like Potenza and Matera offering easy access to all of the region’s amenities, owning a house here is truly one of life’s great luxuries. Investing in Basilicata real estate could be your chance to live like royalty!

Basilicata Land

Say hello to Basilicata, a region of Italy known for its stunning landscapes and rolling hills. An idyllic spot for your dream outdoor living space! Whether you’re looking for a small parcel of land or an expansive estate, there are plenty of plots to explore here. On offer are properties in sprawling meadows, along the coastline, nestled in vineyards and tucked away in olive groves. Imagine building your own villa surrounded by breathtaking countryside views and miles of lush greenery or craft a coastal escape with awe-inspiring vistas over the Mediterranean Sea. Get lost in nature while investing in this beautiful part of Italy - start exploring Basilicata’s land market today!

Basilicata Houses with garden

Escape to Basilicata, Italy and find your perfect house with a garden! This stunning region on the boot of Italy is rich in history and offers breathtaking landscapes - all within easy reach. Whether you’re looking for an ancient villa with a large fragrant private garden or a modern cottage surrounded by greenery, you'll be sure to find it in Basilicata! Enjoy the fresh coastal air and lush mountain views while relaxing outdoors amongst the trees, flowers, and sunshine that this unique Italian location has to offer. Search now for houses with gardens in Basilicata – it could be just what you're looking for!

Basilicata Houses with parking

Basilicata is a great destination for house hunters looking for homes with garages. In this quaint region in southern Italy, you will find numerous houses with spacious garages ideal for parking your vehicles and storing all of your items. From rustic farmhouses to modern villas perched high on the hillside, Basilicata offers many houses perfect for those who want to store their possessions in a protected environment. Take time to explore the picturesque coastline, rolling hills and local villages full of history before finding the perfect home with a garage in this beautiful Italian region!