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Lombardy Houses with parking

Lombardy, Italy is the perfect destination for those looking for a house with a garage. This region of Italy boasts stunning homes with breathtaking views and plenty of amenities. Whether it be urban or rural, Lombardy has beautiful houses available with garages of all sizes. The area also offers quick access to popular attractions like Lake Como and Milan, as well as local landmarks like the Duomo di Milano and Sforza Castle. With its mild Mediterranean climate, Lombardy makes for an ideal place to find a home with a garage that will last you lifetimes.
  • Provincia di Brescia
  • Como
  • Provincia di Milano
  • Bergamo
  • Provincia di Lecco
  • Pavia
  • Cremona

Provincia di Brescia Houses with parking

Enjoy life in Provincia di Brescia, Italy! This region has it all - serene landscapes and bustling cities. For those with an eye on real estate, this area offers a great variety of houses for sale that come equipped with garages. Take your pick from two-storey suburban villas to traditional cottages located by the sea - each property comes complete with a garage perfect for parking cars or storing equipment. Whether you're looking for an idyllic family home or merely somewhere to park your vehicle, make sure to explore the house listings available in Provincia di Brescia if you're in search of homes with garages attached!

Como Houses with parking

Como in Italy is a beautiful destination for house hunters looking for a home with a garage. The picturesque city is known for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture and of course its lakeside setting. Whether you're looking to buy an antique villa or modern bungalow, all houses in Como come with the essential feature of private garages. With many different neighborhoods available, you’re sure to find lots of options to choose from when it comes to real estate with garages within this Mediterranean town.

Provincia di Milano Houses with parking

Beautifully located in the Provincia di Milano region of Italy, homeowners can enjoy idyllic living with a range of houses for sale that come complete with their own private garage. Whether you’re looking for a modern family home or something more traditional in the area, there are plenty of choices available to meet your needs. Properties boast off-street parking facilities and sparkling clean garages – perfect for storing bikes and cars! With easy access to highways and nearby cities like Milan, commuting has never been easier when you live here. Invest now in one of these luxurious homes with garages right away!

Bergamo Houses with parking

Living in Bergamo, Italy has never been easier with the large selection of homes featuring garages. From modern villas to recently-renovated townhouses, city dwellers can now enjoy the convenience of a garage right in their own backyard. Garage sizes range from single car spaces to double and triple car ports, ensuring you can house your vehicles safely no matter what size your family is. Bergamo offers fantastic local amenities as well as unique cultural sites; park your car for free and take advantage of the city's great selection of restaurants and attractions! Whether you're looking for a home that fits all your needs or simply appreciate having a secure place to store your vehicle, homes with garages in Bergamo offer something for everyone.

Provincia di Lecco Houses with parking

The beautiful region of Provincia di Lecco, Italy is an idyllic place to call home. With stunning views of Lake Como, the area offers a paradise-like getaway for all its residents. From sprawling villas to sleek condos and homes with garages, there’s something for everyone in this captivating Italian province. Buyers searching for a house with garage in both urban and rural areas are sure to find what they need here; explore lakeside residences full of charm or countryside villas boasting plenty of space for family and pets alike. On top of that, having a garage ensures more security and protection from bad weather conditions while also providing extra storage space! Start your search today and turn your dreams into reality in Provincia di Lecco!

Pavia Houses with parking

Searching for a house with space to store your car in Pavia, Italy? Look no further! There are many beautiful houses with garages available here. From luxurious villas with expansive driveways to cosy family homes, the possibilities are endless. All of these properties come equipped with spacious garages, giving you plenty of room to park your vehicle and keep it safe from the elements. For those who need extra parking space or storage, some properties even offer additional outdoor sheds. With so many options on offer, finding the perfect house in Pavia is easy. Start searching today!

Cremona Houses with parking

Come and explore the beautiful city of Cremona, Italy – home to some gorgeous houses with garages. Perfect for those who love to tinker around in their free time or for storing a car safely! Many of the homes offer desirable features such as spacious bedrooms, modern kitchens and bathrooms, lush outdoor areas with plenty of green space, and garages fully equipped with shelving systems. There are lots of shops nearby too – so why not treat yourself to something nice after finding your perfect property? Let us help you find your dream house in Cremona today!