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Sardinia Houses

Sardinia, Italy is a paradise for those seeking a house by the Mediterranean. With its stunning beaches and breathtaking views, Sardinia promises peace of mind when you purchase your dream home. Whether you are looking for modern condos in larger cities or cozy villas nestled among olive groves, Sardinia has something for everyone. With beautiful architecture and gorgeous Italian style gardens surrounding many of the homes, this island simply begs to be explored! From beach houses to mountain retreats to gated estates – whatever type of house strikes your fancy – it can likely be found here in Sardinia!
  • Olbia-Tempio
  • Provincia di Cagliari
  • Provincia di Nuoro
  • Provincia di Sassari
  • Provincia di Oristano

Olbia-Tempio Houses

When looking for Houses in Olbia-Tempio, Italy, you can find the perfect home with stunning seaviews and easy access to charming beaches. With beautiful parks and outdoor activities within walking distance, this area offers something for everyone. The elevated position of Olbia-Tempio ensures some of the most spectacular sunsets over the sea. This city is full of hidden gems such as delicious restaurants, elegant boutiques and an active nightlife scene – all accessible on foot or by public transport. Whether searching for a stylish studio flat or luxurious three bedroom villa, there are houses in Olbia-Tempio to suit your needs.

Provincia di Cagliari Houses

Provincia di Cagliari is the ideal place for anyone searching for their dream house. With a stunning climate, Provincia di Cagliari offers an array of luxury houses in lush green environments including beachfront and rural areas. Provincia di Cagliari's properties come in all shapes and sizes- anything from quaint rustic cottages to contemporary villas near the sea. Plus, at Provincia di Cagliari it's easy to find affordable housing options that are perfect for your budget. When you buy a house in Provincia di Cagliari you can be sure it comes with the best features like lovely landscapes, relaxing outdoor spaces, modern amenities, and more! Start discovering all the fantastic houses available today by exploring the real estate offerings in Provincia di Cagliari!

Provincia di Nuoro Houses

Provincia di Nuoro is a stunning place for those searching for an Italian house. Located in the heart of Sardinia, it offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and lush countryside. With a mix of traditional and modern homes available in both coastal towns and inland villages, there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something small and cozy or large enough to entertain friends, you’ll find what you need in Provincia di Nuoro. For more information on houses for sale, use keywords such as 'homes', 'properties', 'sale Italy' or 'Nuoro'.

Provincia di Sassari Houses

Provincia di Sassari is an ideal place to purchase a house in Italy. It offers breathtaking views and a wide range of properties in its many towns and villages, from rustic cottages to luxurious villas. Located in the north-west part of Sardinia, Provincia di Sassari has plenty of activities that will please even the most active lifestyle, from picturesque beaches for swimming, sailing and windsurfing to great restaurants with local delicacies for food lovers. Additionally, homes are surrounded by lush greenery such as olive groves or oak forests which provide great opportunities for relaxation. Purchasing a property here is a great way to enjoy all Italy has offer.

Provincia di Oristano Houses

Provincia di Oristano, in the region of Sardinia, Italy, is a wonderful area to consider for your next home. With its stunning scenery and accessible location between Cagliari and Sassari, you'll be proud to call this place home. Whether you prefer living near the shoreline or up in the hillsides of Monte Arci National Park, finding a house for sale here will be no problem. From villas with expansive views of the Mediterranean Sea to rustic country homes with lush gardens and terraces spanning out into rolling valleys, each residence comes equipped with all amenities necessary for comfortable living. Come experience Provincia di Oristano today!

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Sardinia Houses with pool

Looking for an escape to the serene beauty of a Mediterranean lifestyle? Sardinia is the perfect choice! This amazing island located off Italy’s western coast boasts picturesque views, stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters - best enjoyed from the privacy of your own pool. With its mild climate, you can enjoy days filled with sunshine throughout the year in Sardinia. Explore exclusive luxury homes with swimming pools stretching across acres of gorgeous landscapes. Now is your chance to witness stunning sunsets accompanied by early evening swims or refreshing mornings beside pristine still waters, all found here on magical Sardinia.

Sardinia Land

Sardinia, in Italy, is a Mediterranean paradise of stunning beaches, breathtaking mountains and rolling hills. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, Sardinia offers a variety of land ranging from lush coastal areas to mountainous terrain perfect for trails and hiking. Building plots are available that offer extraordinary views of the azure water and sun-drenched islands below. Whether you’re looking to seek adventure or build your dream home, Sardinia’s plots provide unbeatable access to the Mediterranean Sea as well as some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Explore an array of options for building lots suitable for luxury villas or commercial projects nestled among olive groves or perched on rocky outcrops overlooking crystal clear waters far below. Invest in one-of-a-kind plots with spectacular scenery and unmatched seclusion by choosing land in beautiful Sardinia!

Sardinia Houses with garden

Surrounded by stunning Mediterranean coastline, Sardinia is a paradise for those seeking an escape. With lush gardens, breathtaking views and charming villages, this Italian island has something to offer everyone. From laid-back beaches to trendy nightlife spots, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do in Sardinia - not least of all its real estate offerings. Whether you’re looking for an apartment in the city center or an array of houses with gardens on the outskirts, there are plenty of options available that can fit your desires. Enjoy the warm climate and backdrop of crystal-clear waters while relaxing around your garden oasis!

Sardinia Houses with parking

Sardinia, Italy is the perfect destination for those looking to purchase a home with a garage. Known for its breathtaking coastal landscapes and stunning blue water, the island of Sardinia is also one of the best places in Europe to find properties with garages. Properties here range from recent constructions to historic homes, all enhanced by accompanying garages which are ideal spaces for parking cars and motorcycles as well as providing additional storage capacity. Whether you’re relocating or just looking for an investment opportunity, investing in a property with garage on this beautiful Italian island couldn't be easier!

Sardinia Apartments with balcony

Discover breathtaking apartments with balconies in Sardinia, Italy and make this magical island your new home. Enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from your private balcony any time of year. With mild temperatures, picturesque landscape and crystal-clear waters, living in Sardinia is a dream come true. From luxury apartments to beachfront condos, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding an apartment with a balcony that fits your lifestyle. Start the search for your perfect new property today and start creating lasting memories on the island paradise of Sardinia!

Sardinia Country houses

Sardinia, Italy is the perfect place for those seeking the peaceful and idyllic lifestyle of a rural house. With its stunning coastlines, rolling hills, and lush green valleys, Sardinia offers an abundance of country houses to choose from. From cosy cottages nestled amongst olive groves to historic farmhouses surrounded by sprawling vineyards - there is something for everyone in need of a rural sanctuary in this beautiful region of Italy. Take your pick from homes with breathtaking sea views or rustic Tuscan-style residences tucked away in quiet wooded areas – whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it when searching for that special rural home on Sardinia.

Sardinia Apartments

Discover the great Mediterranean lifestyle living in Sardinia! This amazing Italian region is home to some of the world’s most luxurious apartments. Apartments situated in this iconic holiday destination offer remarkable sea views and provide convenient access to all your favorite beaches. Whether you're looking for a single room or an expansive penthouse, there's something for every budget and taste in beautiful Sardinia. Enjoy first-class amenities such as rooftop terraces, designer kitchens, poolside lounges and more. With countless outdoor activities and picture perfect sunsets available, these gorgeous apartments let you experience a truly unique part of Italy.